“EKPAIDEFTIRIA KALOSKAMI S.A.” is a private educational organization licensed by the Greek Ministry of Education and accredited by the National Organization for the certification of Qualifications and Vocational Guidance (E.O.P.P.E.P.). It was established in 1960 in Piraeus providing for more than 5 decades formal secondary education to adult students. Nowadays the organization operates under the brand name AXIA integrating the following institutional activities.
  • A Lifelong Learning Centre (level 2) “KEK AXIA” which is classified to the CVET educational system providing a wide range of certified training programs for employees, unemployed, self-employed and businesses.
  • A Vocational Training Institute "IEK AXIA” which is classified to the IVET educational system offering integrated 2 year programs in various fields. The study programs include 4 semesters of vocational training and theory classes and one semester of apprenticeship.
  • A Training Support Centre which conducts certified training programs in ICT skills targeted for school teachers of all levels and specialties. 


Leof. Dimokratias 108
Keratsini 18756

Τ: +30210-4009955 & +30210-4005997
F: +30210-4312953


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