Performing Arts / Dance

The 2-year program of the school provides intensive and practically-based training for those who aim at becoming professional dancers. The vocational training of our students is organized in collaboration with the “House of Performing Arts” (HOPA), a famous dance school in Athens. The teachers are among the best dance artists in the country, and they all have international background.

The curriculum includes 4 semesters of a) vocational training in: classical dance, contemporary, improvisation, choreography, rythmique, multicultural dances (greek, latin), musical, theatre and b) theory classes in: anatomy, theory of music, history of music, morphology, history of Dance and history of the Arts. The students complete their study cycle after a 6-month apprenticeship (960 hours) in dance companies, dance schools, theaters etc.  thus acquiring valuable experience and contacts with the labor market.

The final exams are organized at a national level and the Diploma obtained is issued by the National Organization for the Certification of Qualifications and Vocational Guidance (EOPPEP).



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